Reputation management (defamation & libel)

  • Defamation: reputation can take years to build and seconds to lose. It is important for both individuals and increasingly important for businesses in an online age. Samantha advises on libel defamation, slander defamation, internet defamation and recommends to clients how best to protect their reputation by bringing or defending libel claims in the High Court or by alternative dispute resolution.
  • Pre-publication Advice: pre-publication advice to publishers and businesses assessing a proposed publication for libel, contempt and confidentiality, and recommending ways to avoid any difficulties.
  • Reputation Management: advice on how to best protect and manage client’s reputations when faced with a hostile press or false and defamatory publications, whether by litigation or more practical measures.
  • Privacy and Confidence: privacy and litigation arising from breach of privacy is now a rapidly developing area of law. This includes obtaining privacy injunctions and defending freedom of expression, breach of confidence claims, confidentiality issues and human rights matters.
  • Malicious Falsehood: malicious falsehood is often referred to as the poor relation to libel. However, it is often key in trade disputes and trade libel claims. Samantha can advise clients in respect of trade libel and malicious falsehood claims.
  • Corporate Clients: advice in relation to the removal and management of numerous anonymous defamatory and damaging postings on various websites, including US websites.
  • High-Profile Clients: advice to individuals in relation to the removal and management of numerous defamatory postings about him/her on various campaign websites.