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For barristers

eChambers is a new concept of online barristers’ chambers, founded following the coronavirus lockdown, using sophisticated technology and marketing techniques, to connect individuals, businesses and professional clients with barristers online.  Our barrister members are selected to join us for their in-depth expertise across several areas of legal services, and can provide advice and representation online and at remote hearings.  They are able to tackle the most complex, multi-dimensional cases to identify and deliver the best possible solutions for lay and professional clients.

If you are a member of the Bar wishing to join our e-chambers, and are considered among your peers to be an exceptional barrister, hard-working, and who can deliver the highest quality of legal services to clients, then we are very interested in welcoming you as a member by simply clicking below.

Our charges are 15% of fees earned through the chambers, calculated and paid monthly in arrears.

Providing you meet our criteria, you will enjoy working online from home with:

  • full clerking service
  • web-based case management software
  • managed private email

Please fill out the form and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.